Why I hate Apple

Next in our series will be our piece on the Apple Corporation in general.

Apple is generally considered very innovative and user friendly. And they are. They innovated the first PC user interface, for the most part. And that interface was very user friendly. But what Apple left out was the usefulness. While Unix computers were involved in UUCP and early popular TCP/IP networking, Apple computers were doing something called hyper cards or something. While powerful unix editors such as VI and EMACS were being perfected, Apple had, er, well, I don't know what they had until Microsoft came out with Word, but I'm sure they must have had something, and I'm sure it was useable. When Microsoft started catching on to the whole Internet thing, providing crude and barely functional TCP/IP networking, Apple provided even cruder and even less functional networking capability.

In fact, by the time Apple caught on firmly to the whole networking thing, they were already an also-ran. This is when they became obsessed with lawsuits and this silly, Albert Einstein, pot-smoking, "different" image that was supposed to somehow elevate them above functional computer systems.

Move ahead a few dull years, and we come to Mac OSX.

Now Apple decides, understandabley, to scrap their, useless, Mac OS in favor of something that works and that is free and that they can integrate with a bunch of pretty icons and sell for lots of money.

This was a good thing for Apple users who were already used to spending lots of money on pretty icons but weren't used to an OS that actually did anything. Now Apple fanatics had an OS with pretty icons and a functional operating system. But in the spirit of previous Apple OSs, Apple locked this thing up and prevented developers from easily developing Apple applications. They also neglected to contribute back to the community from which they took (the open source community) and refused to contribute their own software (itunes, the apple gui, etc.) back to the community).

I hear from folks that OSX is very pretty and has lots of nice wallpapers. I've seen it. Yes, it's very shiny and sparkling. Folks claim it's very stable, and I have to agree; FreeBSD has always been a very solid OS. But is Apple now much different than M$? They take other peoples technology and re-package it. It doesn't work very well, but it's "more stable" than the previous version. It's locked up like a drum, but should somehow magically be comatible with stuff that shows up a year or two from now.

Apple/Mac is no better than Microsoft, they just smoke more pot and spend more on fancy billboards on the 101.

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Lotta Mac Haters here, what did ya"ll expect most of you went out and bought the cheapest mac you could find and yer bitchin. I 've owned a few computers in my day recently a 2002 Dell PC Pent. 3 with all the upgrades availabe DVD/CD Burner, at a cheap price I said what the hell. I mainly used the computer to run Autocad and multiple 'Trig' survey Pro programs plus a little gaming. Two weeks after I purchased it , well it crashes, no big deal, these things happen. I shipped my computer back to where it was purchased at my own expense and three weeks later I got it back. A couple of more weeks rocked on and I noticed that the more I used it the slower it got and constantly froze up, and the volume button, every time I shut down would somehow dissapear from the desktop. So I sent it back for the second time, and decided if I had any more trouble I was getting my money back. This time I was informed that it wasn't the computer it was the operating system. So again I get my computer back set it up two months went by and I get a virus that the latest version of Norton couldn't handle. We'll to make a very long story short I got my "windows machine" boxed it up and took it back. Got a full refund and soon after bought a Mac. Powerbook G4 15 inch notebook with OSX.2.0 upgraded Ram,CD burner Office Pro, upgraded graphics card and a stylus printer, around December of last year, which ended up being 1,850 plus change. Not once has my Mac frozen up or struggled to perform any task or application I've used or are currently using. No annoying little problems that constantly need attention. Oh,, and that bug that nailed all of the millions of windows machines, including my Mom's which'ed sucked to her and I both, hell it was like her best friend died till she got her computer up and going again, I'm the one who had to listen to her moanin. She's 57 years old and can get on my Mac and do 10 times what she can on hers in half the time, hands down, OSX is more user freindly than anything I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong though, I like windows, plus I have to admit the new Sony's look sweet and yes you can have a dependable machine, at a drastically cheaper price maybe mine was just cursed. I do know that after the thousands of hours of work that Ive done on my Mac, anytime I turn it on Iknow I can trust that it'll work, and won't piss me off to the point that I'm ready to throw it out the window. I need a machine that won't let me down in front of a customer, or hamper me in any way to do my job professionally for my customers.

Sincerelly, Ken Hensley

The claim that the g5 is the world's fastest and world's first 64 bit presonal computer is garbage. A single intel itanium 2 processor at 1.5 ghz (which is a true 64 bit processor not just a 32 bit core running a 64 bit instruction set like the g5) is around 4 times as fast as a dual 2ghz g5. Other systems such as dual processor sun untrasparc III workstations with solaris UNIX which make a g5 look like a palm pilot.

you r a fucking idiot trying the turn the past of apple agienst them. You shuld think on the present and the G5 whitch is the fastest persional computer in the world so fuck-off Machater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact try an apple and you will see why it soo better than a PC i get the ibook its cheep $999 and powerful


i agree one day microsoft will just buy out mac, for fun :P when that day comes... we can just laugh

FreeBSD 8.0 Kicks ass

FreeBSD 8.0 Kicks ass uniformly

I tossed my macbook in the

I tossed my macbook in the trash. It was a little over a year old. I must have been insane to buy it in the first place. I like the OS, and the software, but all apple hardware is cheap trash, with the possible exception of the ipod mini. I have owned 5 iphones for my family (3 of them failed at least once--by failed, I mean needed to be replaced). I"ve also owned 5 ipod and ipod videos--they ALL broke and were tossed in the trash can after a lifetime of no more than 2 years.

Furthermore, the service is terrible, and the waits are mega-long. I mean incredibly, unbearable, living hell long. The "genius" bar takes many hours even with an "appointment". Getting service on your mac is shear hell.

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Actually Apple has all the

Actually Apple has all the right to do this, Apple has been always using its own technology on its own little monopoly.
Mac OS is known for being way more functional than Microsoft's OS, specially because every Microsoft idea is a remake of Apple's first invention. Without counting third parties companies who also contributed, Microsoft saw the opportunity, grabbed everything Apple created and put it into an extremely poor quality os, and shipped it with every company that could make a computer, reaching this way the world. But Apple stayed with the pride and with some new completly failed tries, got back the innovation it had 20 years ago. I am also proud of the return of the Mac, and after using Windows by inertia during all these years, I am planning on sticking with the Mac my whole life.

Wrong, bonehead. If they're

Wrong, bonehead. If they're known as being so functional, then why has every Mac I've ever had crashed on the average five times a day, while editing photos? Why does the DVD player crash when there's a single piece of dust on the disc (yet a windows machine will play discs that have been run over by cars)? Why does a mac crash start gagging when rendering video, working in AE, searching the web and sending email? And why do windows machines accomplish all tasks with no problems? No, I mean seriously. No, bullshit. No, Macs are "known" for being way more functional bullshit. You explain why my business which is a photography business, was saved by two XP machines taking up the slack for 5 goddam Macs, that could not consistently stay "functional". Explain. You can't. Also, do some research. It has in fact been Apple who has taken more ideas from other companies than Microsoft has. And what's the difference if MS has taken ideas? At least they make them work consistently. You've never had a Mac bite you in the ass, until you almost couldn't feed your family, have you? Macs suck. If you want to love macs then do it. But don't spread unsubstantiated bullshit in hopes others will follow you to a promised land that doesn't exist.

I hate apples. I have an hp

I hate apples. I have an hp notebook, custimized. let's take a look at the specs.
2.3 ghz dual core
6gb ram
512 mb graphics card
320 gb hard drive
15.6 inch glossy lcd display
WINDOWS 7 home premium 64-bit
and all for-under 600$. Better than a mac, which the cheapest is 999$. Apple loses again, and steve jobs can suck my dick.