offers stuff

If you're a Slaughter, I have stuff for you. To all Slaughters, I offer the following (free of charge):

  • POP account: yes, a real POP account hosted at with your own email address for life (ie [email protected])
  • Email aliasing: if you currently have an email account such as [email protected], I can create an email alias at So folks could send email to [email protected], and you would recieve it at [email protected] The advantage of this is that you can change email providers or ISPs frequently, but keep the same email address
  • Homepage: you can have a homepage very similar to my homepage or the homepage. You just have to email me and ask.

Furthermore, I'll soon be adding a message board for Slaughters discussion. I'll also be adding photos and other Slaughter family related information soon.

This site is going to be updated often in the next few weeks and months. So please check back. Yes, it's been dormant for a while. But the recent family reunion has sparked my interest, and I'll be putting some time in.