Politics piss me off

I really thought Bush might have been a man of integrity. The Iraq thing? Well, maybe there was a bit of mis-leading going on there, but do you really think the public would have accepted the fact that Bush went in to Iraq to defend his father's honor?

He's really seemed like a stand up guy until now. Bush's recent amnesty for illegal aliens is proof enough that his integrity only run's so deep. While I wouldn't consider this as severe a betrayal of the country as Clinton's trading of missile technology to the Chinese in exchange for campaign dollars, but suddenly making illegal immigrants "legal" is not only paradoxical but also dangerous.

So he trades a little bit of our country's security for additional edge in what is already a no-contest against Howard Dean. This move is pure politics and has nothing to do with the interests of the country. Shame on you Bush.

But then, it's to be expected. The Republicans are not much different from the Democrats, just a bit wiser. This is why I'm a Libertarian.