Firefox Tip of the Day

I believe this is a relatively little known feature of Firefox, but I use it every day, and you will too.

Basically it turns your address bar into a multi-purpose application. The best way to see what I'm talking about is to just try this for yourself.

  1. Open up the following URL:
  2. Enter a zip code or city
  3. Add a bookmark for that page, then open up your bookmark manager, select that bookmark and select "properties"
  4. In the location field, replace the zip code or city with "%s"


  5. Enter a keyword, such as "weather"
  6. Select 'OK' to save and close the window

Now back in your browser, type "weather new york" and hit return. You should get the weather for, you guessed it, new york. You can do this with any site you want.

I keep all mine in a folder called "trickmarks". Here's what i currently have:


If you find this tip useful, leave me a comment and I'll post more :)