Weekend in Nebraska

My father and I flew back to Nebraska last weekend for the marriage of my cousin and his bride. I haven't been back to that part of the country since the marriage of my friend JD several years back in Yankton, South Dakota. That was another trip worth a note in my journal, though I didn't make it.

The wedding was perfect. It took place in a town between Omaha and Lincoln, Ashland. There's no motel in Ashland, so we stayed in a motel off the 80, just between two dirt tracks (which were running full schedules this weekend).

So, blah, blah, wedding stuff and so forth, on Saturday, we got away from the reception in time to catch the last 5 laps of what we believed to be the modifieds. No need to go into detail for my audience here, as you can imagine the frenetic and explosive finish of this un-mufflered dirt-track roster on this mid-western flat track. It was raucous and pleasant. I didn't note the car that won, but I did note that he cut off his follower late into turn four to take his victory.

And after a Sunday afternoon of skeet shooting off my cousin's back porch, we caught the end of another flat track schedule on the other side of the 80. These were late models running balls to the wall to a nearly full crowd on a beautiful Nebraska evening. Again, we caught only the tail end, but it was loud as all hell and beautiful to watch.

And some people got married this weekend too.

That was my brief vacation.