Blowing a gasket

Here's a cool picture of a blown head gasket on my recently rebuilt Harley Sportster. A reminder to you all: remember to re-torque those head bolts after getting new cylinders and pistons, regardless of what your mechanic tells you ; )
So I'm now in the process of replacing this gasket and fixing some other things that appear to be, er... mis-done. Though I've never done this before, I'm guessing that I'll do a better job than the local Harley Dealer.
I'll keep you posted. A little value-add supsense for the many readers of my blog (hi mom!).


hi! my name is marti and while i was driving my 93 toyota 4runner 6cyl 4wheel dr.the car got hot and i got out and started pushing the car of the rod.we found out we had a blowing head gasket.the price to fix it will run about $1500 says the service the toyota place. would it be possible to use some liquid cure to fix the problem or not.i'm afraid to spend tha kind of money on a 10yr.old car.if it was u what would u do? i read that a guy is on his 3rd head gasket job,i don't want to waste the money. your comments,please? thanks:martial n.