Is there a God?

An Op-ed from addresses this question. Don't you love rhetorical questions?

The article can be summed up, IMHO, with the following quote:

If the word "knowledge" cannot in fact be applied to anything, it makes more sense to redefine the word so that it just means "overwhelmingly likely, given certain assumptions".

/me puts away pipe and turns off classical music and fires up Quake2.


there is no god. religion is a story that dumbasses who need to feel loved and wanted and are scared of death believe to make themselves feel better about the fucked up world they live in. i guess the closest thing to religion is santa. if you are good for a year you get shit for christmas...if you are good for your life you get shit at death...the only difference is people have a chance to find out santa is bullshit every christmas and it takes death to find out about god...

It's too bad "will" is so negative about life; I wish he'd leave the door open just a tad-

there is a God. It is the one and only God JESUS christ