Back in Nebraska

Checking in from the road. I'm out in Nebraska, near Lincoln. Fortunately, the weather is still mild. But you can sense the arrival of the sweaty, hot, humid, buggy mid-western summer. I'll be out of here long before that.

I'm here for a family re-union. Slaughter family re-union. A different branch of the Slaughter tree. We'll see how that goes.



family reunion eh? the only family reunions ive been to were very boring. But its nice to see all the fam i guess. Plus its a fathersday thing too i bet. Anyway, hurry back to get your Urt on with us. We got a match for you and we need to get you pumped up.

Well, if you're a 13 year-old being forced by your parents to go to a reunion, yes, it's going to suck. But if you're older, and you're going according to your own choice, it can be a very nice thing to do.

I feel very comfortable in the Midwest, moreso than I do in a big city. I like rows of corn more than I do rows of malls. I like the smell of cow and pig shit. I like fried chicken and tractors. So to find out that some of my relatives do something useful (such as farming), I'm pleased and I feel like they somehow make up for the hours I spend in an office.