What a handsome lad!

I've been playing with a scanner I just hooked up. Thought I should share with my many readers a recent photo taken of me. Check out that fine shirt!



nice pic harry ;) You look younger than i expected. I got a digicam ill share a pic sometime.

Well, I guess I should come clean. That picture is in fact not recent. It was taken circa 1983. I look exactly the same now, except I wear very cool duds and have a stylish haircut. Oh, and I'm very masculine looking and very mature. So any of you single ladies out there looking for a man, you just contact The Harry.

As far as locating reasonabley priced hardware, I can't really help you there. My latest computer is a full-priced box from Penguin Computing. And I run Linux.

The amount of money you're going to "save" depends on what you need the box for. If you want to browse the web and do email and write documents, you can get set up for a few hundy (no monitor). But if you want to game or run photoshop, you're going to spend a few grand. So it really depends on what you're going to use you're machine for.

Hello Harry,

By the way, you might want to change, "What a handsome lass!", to, "What a handsome lad!". A lass is a young girl. Unless, of course, there was an operation you'd rather not discuss.


Allison spawn of Ten of Twelve herself three of four of the Slaughter branch of the Borg.
According to my mom "You're sense of humor proves you are somehow related to our dysfunctional family" We do put the FUN in DsyFUNctional. And another Slaughter quote (We have WAY to many) "God made us sisters and Prozac made us friends" Keep in touch. Us Slaughters need to stick together,in case one of us gets busted with the plans of world domination.

by the way, would you know any places for buying computers cheap online? or know of any deals? I plan on buying a PC very soon. My budget is around 700-800 dollars for the system excluding monitor. Then I can get a monitor, wireless router, wireless pc card for 300. I can find that fine but its just taking time looking for deals and any help would be appreciated.


checked out some of your photos. looks like you had a much nicer re-union than we did. but my dad and i were only collateral relatives of the reunion we went to. and i suppose we'd be collateral relatives of yours, though we might not be able to prove it. so we'd like to go to your family reunion instead next year. we're looking for a cooler climate, more variety of food and some activities suitable for overweight curmudgeons. and if you have a psychiatrist or at least a clinical psychologist on staff, we'd appreciate that too.