Chargers VS Giants

What a blast this game was. I've never heard more booing at a public event. Apparently Charger fans didn't like the fact that during the 2004 draft Eli Manning stated he'd go anywhere but San Diego. Apparently he didn't want to go to the playoffs that year, and the NY Giants allowed him to watch the playoffs on TV.

Censored by Kerry

Last night, I posted a polite but mildly anti-Kerry comment on this page: The Official Kerry-Edwards Blog.
This morning, my comment had been removed, and my ability to post comments to this blog has been removed.

I wasn't flaming or being rude. I posted a genuine question.

Just one more reason why I'll not be voting for Kerry.

No more comments

The blogger I use has become a target of spammers. I have been getting up to a dozen comment spams a day for a while now. Because of this, I've turned off allowing comments.

I apologize to both my readers, and I welcome comments via email: [email protected].

Why do I feel guilty

I didn't want to admit it, but thanks to the abuse of certain anti-anxiety medications, I think I finally can: I love The Simple Life

It's one hot chick and one annoying and ugly little thing travelling the country and making fun of everyone. For some reason (most likely the presence of the camera crew), they are able to get away with anything. They're entirely brainless and have absolutely nothing to say, and yet I'm addicted.

Long silence

I apologize to both my readers for not having posted anything in such a long time. Truth be told, my life has become mundane these last several months. Buying and selling homes, furnishing my new place, trying to keep my job, providing for my dog...

But blogs are arrogant and pointless. My life and observations are no more relevant or interesting than your dentist's. So if you've shown up to read this post, maybe you need to go to dental school or collect stamps or something.

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