Hey I moved

I've been down in San Diego about two months now. Came down here to take a 4 month contract job with the navy. I'm working on a tool that will help ship system admins keep their network's hosts up to date. And since I've rented out my house. I'm hoping that they'll offer me more work when my contract is expired.

Big news

Ice reservoirs found on Mars
Wow. Where there's water, there's life. We're not talking traces of water here.
We're talking large reservoirs. If there is life within the water in nuclear reactors,
and there is life in the boiling volcanic waters at the bottom of the ocean;
I would think there might be something interesting on Mars.

Back on the chain gang

Looks like I have a job again.

I spent the last week in San Diego with my pa'. He got me a job as a contractor for the Department of Defense. It's a real job in which my work will be on board navy vessels : ). Now please don't panic, folks. It's not as though I'll have anything to do with inter-continental missiles. My stuff will be purely short-range.

I'll be working at SPAWAR

Happy Birthday

I'll be 34 years old tomorrow. That's a good portion of the average life. Personally, I'd have fairly high expectations of a person of this age in terms of wisdom and understanding. I would have a lengthy list of questions for this person. I would feel relief at the opportunity to speak to him. He would explain to me how things were, and I would advance merrily onto my destiny. Yes, I would.

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