The Evolution Continues

The feeling of accomplishment from quitting chewing tobacco is unexpected. It was an addiction that I accepted as part of who I am for so long, the thought of quitting was surreal. So this was the third in a series of steps that I'm taking to make dramatic changes to my life. The first step was giving up all drugs (mostly marijuana) almost ten years ago. The second step was giving up alcohol five years ago.

My next step begins tomorrow as a friend and I start our Ultramind Solution experiment. This experiment involves some simple nutritional concepts:

  • Eliminate processed foods, refined sugar, trans fats, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and dairy
  • Introduce a diet consisting mostly of whole foods
  • Introduce supplements to make up for the nutritional shortcomings of modern foods
  • Excercise

I will report more details of this experiment in the coming weeks.


Congrats! Drug -free is The

Congrats! Drug -free is The Way. I've been clean for more than 4 years now. ;-)