Acetone In Fuel Said to Increase Mileage

Acetone (CH3COCH3) is a product that can be purchased inexpensively in most locations around the world, such as in the common hardware, auto parts, or drug store. Added to the fuel tank in tiny amounts, acetone aids in the vaporization of the gasoline or diesel, increasing fuel efficiency, engine longevity, and performance -- as well as reducing hydrocarbon emissions.

- Acetone In Fuel Said to Increase Mileage

I haven't tried this myself yet, but it looks legit enough :)

I'll report back with results.


First result

I put 2.5oz of acetone into about 12 gallons of premium gasoline for my '94 Toyota pickup that normally gets about 15.5MPG.

For this first tank, there was no noticeable increase in mileage.

I'm going to continue the experiment using less acetone in regular gas.

Chemically Improving Your Gas Mileage In Your Car

New info here:

from chemist David Maillie suggests that a: It works!
and b: most may be adding too much! (recomended doses of the acetone are allready very low by most sites)

Second tank

After my first tankfull of acetone mixed gas, I filled my truck with regular gas, no acetone.

By the end of this tank, my poor little truck would barely run. It's down at the shop now. It looks like the acetone may have loosened some junk that clogged up the valves.

Stay tuned...