What Happened

Several weeks ago, my mom began complaining of dizziness. Stephanie had also noticed subtle changes in behavior that were not like Mom. Stephanie checked Mom's blood pressure and it was very high, so she drove Mom to the emergency room.

Mom was given a CT scan and doctors discovered 3 brain aneurysms. Sunni was immediately transferred to the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, which has a renowned neurosurgery department.

Two of the aneurysms were not severe, but doctors were very concerned about a third aneurysm at the apex of the basilar artery. Had this aneurysm burst, it would have almost certainly resulted in death. Surgery was scheduled for October 13th.

Mom's surgeon had pioneered this particular type of surgery and estimated and overall risk factor of about ten percent.

Following the surgery, Mom never woke up. On October 16th, an MRI was performed which revealed a stroke to the brain stem that most likely occurred during surgery.

Mom passed away peacefully that evening, surrounded by family and lots of love.

I'm very sad to hear about

I'm very sad to hear about your mothers passing. She was a very sweet and caring person. She made it possible for my husbend and I to purchase our first home 14 years ago. She will be missed and always be in our hearts.
Michelle Gifford of San Jose

Stephanie and family- I was

Stephanie and family-
I was so shocked and saddened by what happened. I had the pleasure of meeting your mom years ago and Sharyn spoke so highly of her. I can't imagine what you are going through, but please know that you, your babies, and family are in my prayers.
God bless-
Tia Baker (Sharyn's sister-in-law)

Harry, I am sorry for your

Harry, I am sorry for your loss. Here is a poem that I found a while back that is full of feeling in these situations:

Wings Of The Angels
by Tim Chambers

A gentle wind blew cross the land
Reaching out to take a hand
For on the winds the angels came
Calling out a mother's name.

Left behind, the children's tears
Loving memories of the years
Of joy and love, a life well spent
And now to God a mother's sent.

On angel's wings, a heavenly flight
The journey home, towards the light
To those who weep, a life is gone
But in God's love, 'tis but the dawn.