My Harley has been replaced

I'm done with Harley. No more!

Today I bought a brand new Yamaha Road Star Warrior.

This thing is twice the bike my Sportster ever was, and it cost less. I'm over my "Harley" period. This bike is absolutely everything a Harley should be and isn't. Superior handling, braking and power; classic V-twin, push-rod, air-cooled motor with just a touch of contemporary technology (in the form of fuel injection). Race bike (R1) inspired brakes and suspension, aluminum frame, and modified version of the standard Road Star motor. This is one hell of a bike.

It cruises Main Street at 2000 RPMS with a menacing growel. On the highway, you can ride it in 5th gear at almost any RPM and still rely on plenty of power. The clutch is very forgiving; the brakes will do emergency stops with a single finger (note Sportster owners: no brake pumping required).

Harleys are basically 1950's technology with a 2010 price tag.

This is the bike Harley would have created hadn't they locked themselves and their technology into the 1950's.

If you are considering anything in the Harley line-up, you would be wise to ride this inexpensive bike first. Save your money and smoke your local Harleys. Get yourself a Yamaha Road Star Warrior.


Nice bike Harry,

It has the sleek of a Buell and the performance and price of a Japanese bike. Congratulations Harry!!!

I still like my 03 Blue Flame Fatboy however,


Man... I can't believe it - no longer can we be ebony and ivory. I'm hooked on a V-twin too, although mines in the form of 2001 Suzuki TL 1000R :)

Nice work Harry! Lately I've been liking the Kawasaki Z1000 more and more - it just looks mean. If I was going to get another bike though, I'd probably get the new R1.