See the latest manifestation of the Microshaft monopoly in it's infancy:

Microsoft cuts prices in Thailand

This is precisely how $1 Bill Gate$ expands his wretched empire. Go into a place where domination is not yet established (such as Thailand or other monopoly friendly countries [hrrmmm... US?]). Determine who threatens your Master Plan (Linux) and squash them like bug by drastically reducing the price of your "software" or even giving it away.

Once the unsuspecting Thailanders are all assimilated, M$ can then go ahead and start charging whatever they want for their slopware.

And Microsoft, all the while, can safely hide behind the guise of philanthropy. Oh, Bill, that's sweet!

Cool link of the day!

Doing a little web-surfing, I discovered a picture of my house (sorta) here:

California Coastal Records Project - Image 5916 - "Town of Pacifica"

At the bottom-center of the picture, you can see beach side facilities. My house is directly across the street and to the right 2 houses (the one mostly covered by trees).

Another War Journal

A Minute Longer - A Soldier's Tale is another good war blog. I think these are much more telling that the crap on TV or even the self-aggrandizing reports from the journalists in Baghdad ("Bob, my life is in danger at this very moment....").

Blogging from Baghdad

Here's an interesting weblog from man living in Baghdad. I'm sure these accounts are as accurate as anything we hear on tv :)

Where is Raed ? Great Books Online -- Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus and hundreds more

I just discovered this site. Can't believe I've never seen it before. It's clearly one of the most content-rich sites on the Web. Check it out.

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