There is nothing I despise more than having to do paperwork, figure out line numbers/forms/options, stand in line, deal with 'window people', or worse, all of the above.

What this means is that I simply don't do a lot of stuff I might be better off doing. Like getting a business license and DBA.

So I when I heard about this site that takes all the sting out of this type of stuff, I logged right in. Legalzoom does all the grunt work for common legal tasks involving lots of monotony and stress related skin issues.

Custom Drupal Development

I do custom Drupal development work as well as general development using Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc...

I'm in the process of setting up a site dedicated to my new business. Meanwhile all I've got to show is this little page.

While I have many years experience developing web applications, I've been doing direct consulting work for less than a year and don't yet have a very large client base. For this reason, my rates are currently much lower than those of more established contractors.

Bypassing logins for otherwise free content

I've been using this site for years, but I guess there are still a lot of folks that don't know about it.

There are a lot of websites around that provide free content but still require a username and password to access that content. I suppose they want to do this so they can generate more accurate data on visitors to their site. It's a fair and modest demand for a site that's providing valuable info, and I have accounts at many of these types of sites.

New site design

Make comments and suggestions on the CSS for this site

Million Dollar Homepage

This is a pretty clever gimmick.

This kid has already generated tens of thousands of dollars by selling barely visible advertisements on his Million Dollar Homepage.

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