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I've avoided CSS and other style related areas for most of the last 10 years. But after reviewing the latest state of CSS and reviewing effective implementations of CSS by sites such as CSSZengarden, it's pretty apparent that CSS is actually a good thing and can be done in a manageable way and in a way that is compatible with all modern browsers.

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I don't know it we have ever met. I know Lee and Janine.
We need a basic family web page where we can post pictures of the house construction progress for friends.

I liked the CDF stuff, we all have piles of incriminating trivia from the fire experience and thank god those who muffed it have had the luxury of all the victims being separated.

We had the yellow house with blue shutters across from the Park. We even had deck sprinklers, but the fire chief told me the water had been shutoff to Crest at 6:00pm. History.

We have about 5MB of space on the cox site, in what they call personal webspace.

My daughter Emily, a friend of Eliabeths recommended you. Let me if this is a harry thing.

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Pat Riley