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Happy Birthday

I'll be 34 years old tomorrow. That's a good portion of the average life. Personally, I'd have fairly high expectations of a person of this age in terms of wisdom and understanding. I would have a lengthy list of questions for this person. I would feel relief at the opportunity to speak to him. He would explain to me how things were, and I would advance merrily onto my destiny. Yes, I would.

Shave Your Way To Perfect Sideburns

Shave Your Way To Perfect Sideburns with Prolook. This is some amazing technology.

Don't be shy

It occurred to me recently that of the tens (if not dozens) of visits my homepage gets each and every month, very few folks bother to leave a message.

Please folks, don't be shy. Many of you depend on my site for information that may give you an extra edge at work, pass by the time, or even save the life of abandon kittens in Argentina; whatever important function this site provides you, please take the time to leave a comment.

Popup ads

If you find popup ads as annoying as I do, you should checkout some of the tools available to prevent them from filling up your desktop. Popup Killer is the one I'm currently using (when running windows). There are others, such as Ad Subtract that do something similar.

Online Tonight

Online Tonight with David Lawrence. This is a pretty fun radio show on from 7-10 (PST). What's extra fun is logging into their online chat room and chatting with other listeners.

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