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he confessed, he's guilty

ABCNEWS.com : Why Innocent People Confess to Murder

This is an interesting article.


Damn it's a tight job market out there still. There are plenty of job listings online, but very few people ever respond to job inquiries. So I've been spending most of my days hanging at my pad, fixing things around the house, doing a bit of mountain biking, going on motorcycle rides and just generally relaxing at my little "beach" house here.

There is a poker night coming up however. If you're interested in attending, please email me.

A present the whole family can enjoy

Who says you have to break the bank at Christmas? This clever family discovered endless hours of entertainment with the simple gift of indelible markers. Now if we all just couldn't be so ingenious.siblings

Sometimes it's good to get up early

I went to bed very late one night, and for some reason I also woke up very early that morning. It was very cold, and I put several small logs in my wood stove, threw on some coffee and stepped out into my backyard. I looked up in the sky, and this is what I saw. A blue and pink sky and a moon.

Shirley Q.

Shirley Q Liquor
is someone you just have to hear for yourself.

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