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Wonderful opportunity

Pizza Hut
seems to have quite an employee education program.

Who is she?

Coincidence Designs. This is reason for concern.


Radiohead (their homepage)- It's been many moons since I've found an album for my top-ten of all time list. Ok Computer is definitely on this list. This album is just amazing.

Mark your calanders

I've checked out a lot of blog software in the last few weeks, and I think I'm going with Movable Type. It's extremely simple and produces nice looking pages.

This is, of course, my initial entry, and so you'll want to indicate this occassion on your calander so that in the years to come you can refer to the day you discovered Harry's blog. Where you we


I've spent a lot of effort getting this domain to a reliable web host provider. I can tell you some providers who suck. Don't go to LMI.net or to Slip.net

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