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Chargers VS Giants

What a blast this game was. I've never heard more booing at a public event. Apparently Charger fans didn't like the fact that during the 2004 draft Eli Manning stated he'd go anywhere but San Diego. Apparently he didn't want to go to the playoffs that year, and the NY Giants allowed him to watch the playoffs on TV.

Truly Free Credit Report

I didn't realize it was so easy to get the legally mandated free credit report each year. Start at the AnnualCreditReport website, fill out some forms, and you'll have printable reports from all 3 major credit score providers.

You have to pay each of them about five bucks if you want to see the actual score, but the complete report is free. Great for spring credit cleaning.

Desparation in LA

There is some unbelievable stuff going on in New Orleans. Nobody seems to know why the government is leaving people to die.

Watch this clip from today's Fox News.

Interview with New Orlean's Mayor, Ray Nagin

Ray Nagin gave a very frank interview with a local New Orleans radio station explaining exactly how severe the situation is right now. He's tired of the news cameras and desperate for real help.

Download Interview

Live from Ground Zero

The ongoing tales of an ISP using police communications, diesel fuel and firearms to keep its service running can be read on Survival of New Orleans blog.

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