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Fun with Biorhythyms

There's probably nothing to them, but biorhythms are fun.

Read about biorhthyms, then download this spreadsheet and see your own.

Now there's some value add.

Firefox Tip of the Day

I believe this is a relatively little known feature of Firefox, but I use it every day, and you will too.

Basically it turns your address bar into a multi-purpose application. The best way to see what I'm talking about is to just try this for yourself.

New site design

Make comments and suggestions on the CSS for this site

Million Dollar Homepage

This is a pretty clever gimmick.

This kid has already generated tens of thousands of dollars by selling barely visible advertisements on his Million Dollar Homepage. goes Drupal

I've been using MovableType on this site for many years. But MT is just too prone to spam and is pretty difficult to configure and customize.

I'm moving to Drupal for its flexibility and customizability.

Links and stuff may not work for a while, but those few who mistype 'google' or 'msn' and end up here instead probably won't notice the difference.

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