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Nicotine and Me

I had my first cigarette when I was a teenager. It was literally under the bridge and with the 'hoods' that had my first puff. I coughed for five minutes afterward and wouldn't go near another cigarette until I was twenty.

Updating Slaughters.com

I've just moved all slaughters.com mail and www handling to my own server from an ISP that I really don't need anymore.

All email for the slaughters.com domain is being handled through Gmail.

I've also eliminated some stuff like some old phpbb forums and an image gallery that I don't think anyone was using.


There is nothing I despise more than having to do paperwork, figure out line numbers/forms/options, stand in line, deal with 'window people', or worse, all of the above.

What this means is that I simply don't do a lot of stuff I might be better off doing. Like getting a business license and DBA.

So I when I heard about this site that takes all the sting out of this type of stuff, I logged right in. Legalzoom does all the grunt work for common legal tasks involving lots of monotony and stress related skin issues.

Kill some Time?

A while back, I posted a link to a website. No big deal.

I then started getting all this traffic to slaughters.com based on this silly posting. It turns out the post comes up number 2 in this google search.

Meanwhile I can't get the time of day from Google when it comes to my real website.

Harry's Starting Something New

I've been doing 1099 indy contract work on and off for the last year. I think I'm going to give it a real go. I'm building up a new website dedicated to the consulting services I offer, centering around the Drupal CMS. It's not finished yet, but have a sneak preview: DevBee.

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