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You have to check this out

I knew Google Earth came out a while back, but I only just bothered to install it.

Google Earth

Like everything Google does, Google Earth is amazing. It's the type of application you don't realize you must have until you have it.

There's no point in trying to describe it, you simply have to install it right now and check it out yourself.

Lame Site of the Day

Ticketmaster wins my previously non-extant "Lame Site of the Day" award.

King James Replacement?

Re-live the great stories of the Bible illustrated wonderfully in Legos:
The Brick Testament

The end of analog TV

Not that I'm a huge fan of TV, but I was surprised to learn that all analog TVs are currently scheduled to become obsolete by the end of 2006.

If congress follows through on its own unrealistic goal, millions of TVs will become unuseable (without additional hardware) in less than 2 years.

Read: The end of analog TV

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