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Harry Got a job

I'm starting a new job on Monday at Nine Sytems. They're basically an application service provider (ASP) for large scale streaming media.

I'm coming off a 6 month stint doing short-term contract jobs. I think I'll be much more comfortable being employed full-time once again.


This is one of the finest movies I've ever seen. I don't even know where to begin with this picture. It's a piece of art in cinematography. The dialogue is profound. The plot is entirely unpredictable. This is not a non-stop action flick. This movie is like a patient roller-coaster. Very long slow climbs to the top of a steep drop again and again.

I won't try to describe this. It's something you have to see. I had no idea any major Hollywood studio could be capable of producing an action flick of this calibre. But then, most or all of the credit would probably have to go to director Michael Mann, whose obvious intrigue and understanding of LA makes the city a virtual character in this movie.

Fun with Biorhythyms

There's probably nothing to them, but biorhythms are fun.

Read about biorhthyms, then download this spreadsheet and see your own.

Now there's some value add.

Million Dollar Homepage

This is a pretty clever gimmick.

This kid has already generated tens of thousands of dollars by selling barely visible advertisements on his Million Dollar Homepage.

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