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Amazing Iraqi

Iraqi man risked all for U.S. POW
This is an amazing story. I think Iraq could be a wonderful country. Hopefully it will be soon.

Boycott France? How?

France has not been significant or even interesting the the last 200 years. That's fine. They are an arrogant bunch with no morals or taste. OK. They are a squirelly looking lot that doesn't bathe - to each his own.

But the french have gone mad. They are out of control.

So what can a guy like myself do? I've heard that we are supposed to boycott French products, but France doesn't produce anything. About the only thing I can recall ever coming out of France was that LeCar thing a few years ago (the car that made the Pinto look like a luxury car).

Another War Journal

A Minute Longer - A Soldier's Tale is another good war blog. I think these are much more telling that the crap on TV or even the self-aggrandizing reports from the journalists in Baghdad ("Bob, my life is in danger at this very moment....").

Blogging from Baghdad

Here's an interesting weblog from man living in Baghdad. I'm sure these accounts are as accurate as anything we hear on tv :)

Where is Raed ?

Bin Laden

Bin Laden Speaks of Iraq 'Partnership,' Powell Says

It seems odd that one day we hear that Bin Laden is certainly dead, based on the incredulity of recent video tapes; then the next day Powell uses Bin Laden audio tapes to support his position.

I wish our government would simply release some of the more damning evidence against Iraq. Like the Cuban Missile Crisis, saying there is a threat is simply not enough. They need to show hard core irrefutible evidence before they can expect more support.

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