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I've also just added forums for Slaughters.com. Post a message!

Photo Album Now Available

I've added a new photo album to slaughters.com. I'll be adding new albums over the coming weeks as I figure out how to use it. It's powered by a free program called Coppermine. I have to say this is a very impressive program from what I've seen so far. It's very easy to use, and yet it's got all the features you'd want in such a program.


Ok, while I'm posting images, I might as well post some pix from back in the day. Many moons ago, I fancied myself a rising rockstar. I lived in Hollywood and played in various bands. I came close several times to changing the course of my life, but at the end of the day, I just have some stories to tell. It was a fun time. I got to play the cool Hollywood clubs like Gazzari's, The Whiskey, The China Club. I even got to play the Palladium once. That was fun. :) But I'd end up being a computer geek. Go figure.

What a handsome lad!

I've been playing with a scanner I just hooked up. Thought I should share with my many readers a recent photo taken of me. Check out that fine shirt!



See the latest manifestation of the Microshaft monopoly in it's infancy:

Microsoft cuts prices in Thailand

This is precisely how $1 Bill Gate$ expands his wretched empire. Go into a place where domination is not yet established (such as Thailand or other monopoly friendly countries [hrrmmm... US?]). Determine who threatens your Master Plan (Linux) and squash them like bug by drastically reducing the price of your "software" or even giving it away.

Once the unsuspecting Thailanders are all assimilated, M$ can then go ahead and start charging whatever they want for their slopware.

And Microsoft, all the while, can safely hide behind the guise of philanthropy. Oh, Bill, that's sweet!

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