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Why I Hate XP

Microsoft still hasn't proved that a 1000 monkeys at a 1000 keyboards will ever create an OS worth even the cheapest 10 Gig drive required to install it.

In this brief essay I will prove beyond all and any doubt that Microshaft's latest OS release is an abominination that wouldn't even deserve disk space on a lousy Apple box.

Microsoft is very clever. They always seem to be on the verge of an intelligible and functional OS. Gates' best offering was the version of DOS that he bought from that long forgotten company whose owners are probably still walking in circles mumbling incoherencies. But soon he morphed that into Windows 3.-something, that you can see running in 7/11s and unrated banks to this day. Ironically these institutions are probably the only winners in the Microsoft game, having never upgraded the horrific OS.

The Strokes

Man I love this album!

If you've ever been a fan of punk, Lou Reed, raw rock, clever lyrics, you need to get this album. And don't spend a mint. I got this album new at Half.com (recently bought by eBay) for under ten clams.

Slaughter family genealogy

I've uploaded the entire Slaughter family tree that I currently have. You can browse it here:


If you'd like to tie in any work you've done, please post to the Slaughter Family message board.

Also, if you're using software that understands the .ged format, download the attached data. If you find that your information links into mine, I'd appreciate getting a copy of your integrated tree.

Politics piss me off

I really thought Bush might have been a man of integrity. The Iraq thing? Well, maybe there was a bit of mis-leading going on there, but do you really think the public would have accepted the fact that Bush went in to Iraq to defend his father's honor?

He's really seemed like a stand up guy until now. Bush's recent amnesty for illegal aliens is proof enough that his integrity only run's so deep. While I wouldn't consider this as severe a betrayal of the country as Clinton's trading of missile technology to the Chinese in exchange for campaign dollars, but suddenly making illegal immigrants "legal" is not only paradoxical but also dangerous.

The Bell Tolls for Redhat

In a surprising shift in direction, Redhat recently announced it would abandon the Linux desktop market.

I've used Redhat Linux for my own desktop environment for about 5 years. I've become more and more disappointed in their "upgrades". With each release of their desktop software, they change and break things. They've made it increasingly difficult to remain loyal to the distribution. I've been entirely disgruntled for the last 3 years, but due to familiarity, I've stuck with the distro, putting off switching to more stable and user-conscious distributions such as Gentoo and Debian.

But they've finally forced my move, and I'm happy about it. This decision marks the downfall of Redhat. They have chosen to take the path of Sun: focus on the server market. And they've made the same mistake: without a loyal following of desktop users, no OS can hope to achieve any significant success in the high end server market. Sun is beginning to give up on its "high end" Solaris OS and beginning to adopt Linux as a last, desperate effort to survive. Now Redhat is choosing the same fate.

But as everyday Linux users migrate from Redhat to other distributions, what distribution are they likely to promote when it comes to high-end server applications? Redhat did not define Linux's ability to serve the high end server market, and they can never hope to fulfill it if they abandon their everyday users. These users are the same folks who will be the one to migrate failing Windows servers to Linux. And why would they choose Redhat when they've long become comfortable with another, more capable, less buggy, distribution? Well, they won't. And this will be the end of Redhat.

You read it here first folks, Redhat is dead.

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