Drupal and mod_rewrite

Drupal's use of .htaccess and mod_rewrite to create "search-engine friendly" urls prompted me to play around a bit with a few simple rewrite rules myself.

What Happened

Several weeks ago, my mom began complaining of dizziness. Stephanie had also noticed subtle changes in behavior that were not like Mom. Stephanie checked Mom's blood pressure and it was very high, so she drove Mom to the emergency room.

Looking for Slaughter family information

I am searching for any information on William Lonnie Slaughter (Sr). He was born in Oklahoma in either 1899 or 1900. The family moved from OK to MO then to the Santa Monica/Malibu area of California between 1900 and 1920. He was in the navy aboard the USS Idaho in 1920. He was married to Ida Pearl Mason and lived in San Diego in 1930 and had a daughter in 1924 named Helen Virgina Slaughter (she died in San Francisco in 1960's). Lonnie also had a son with Fern Vansant in 1926 (they were not married). We have some photos of this man with yet ANOTHER family and it looks to be around 1940-45. He was with a woman identified as Harriett, thier daughter Teresa/Theresa or Teressa and his brother Ted (Samuel Theodore Slaughter) at an unknown fishing cabin. Here is some extra info

New site design

Make comments and suggestions on the CSS for this site